Working Areas

International Exchange

In Germany emancipatory theatre is a field with much potential for further development where much can be learned from the experiences in other countries, especially from the South. We organise exchange programmes with facilitators and multipliers working in the performing arts in countries of the South to enhance professional exchange, mutual support and networking on a basis of equality and reciprocal learning. Many of our projects are in cooperation with our international partners and mutual consultation is common. New cooperations between organisations in the South have resulted from past exchanges organised by sabisa – performing change.


There is relatively little knowledge in Germany about methods of emancipatory performing arts that have been developed in the South. For this reason and because of an increasing interest in this field of intervention, we organise training programmes and public events with international facilitators in Germany and also offer our own training programmes for local multipliers to promote the performing arts as a communication medium in schools and communities.

Local Activities

Intercultural exchange need not take place on an international level, but can also occur on our own doorstep. We implement theatre and other creative media in various educational and social spheres and are actively engaged in education on international development. Emancipatory methods are employed at the local level in theatre projects and in developing new concepts for education and social awareness. Our work supports participatory communication processes in local communities.


Our pedagogical and artistic practice is closely linked to theoretical discussions and research. It is our aim to promote qualified exchange through scientific interrogation and publications and by combining research about theatre with research through theatre. New approaches of intervention are developed (in cooperation with partners where applicable) and projects can be monitored and evaluated by us.