Anja Petz

026748539c16673943c0019ca50b3305.jpgAnja Petz (1977), M.A. Education (Dipl. Pädagogin) 
is currently project co-ordinator in the peacebuilding unit of Kurve Wustrow in Germany. She holds a Master's in Educational Sciences and focused on intercultural learning and activism. She is a facilitator in Conflict Mediation and anti-bias training focussing on theatre methods, particularly Theatre of the Oppressed methodologies developed, among others, by Augusto Boal. She has worked at schools in Berlin and Brandenburg and with international groups in the Service Civil International. She has worked in human rights in Mexico and researched and worked with young people affected by local violence in South Africa. Member of the street theatre group Piquete since many years - performing on development issues.

Contact: anja.petz (at)