Past activities

Communication in Conflicts (KiK 2006)

Theatre Workshop "My Shadow walks with me on stage"

with HOPE AZEDA (Rwanda) and NORA AMIN (Egypt/Sudan)

The workshop dealt with using theatre-based approaches in dealing with trauma, as a form of engaging in social and political change, as well as in biographical exploration.


Workshop on applying theatre in the context of trauma, healing and as a tool for social change. Hope Azeda and Nora Amin shared their experiences and methodology of drawing from local circumstances and realities for artistic work and making art and theatre which inspire and feed into the transformation of our social realities ("Real life for theatre/theatre for real life").

A public presentation of the workshop was held at the end of the collaborative week.

Performance Practices for Social Change - Perspectives from Africa


A space for dialogue and reflection on working with theatre in conflict and post-conflict regions and applying theatre as a creative tool to participate in processes of social change. What are the specific potentials of working with theatre and creative processes? What type of work is particularly effective and what kind of circumstances do we need to create satisfying work? Which are the specific limitations of theatre as a part of social transformation? What are specific aspects of working in the context of the Global South?


Hope Azeda is artistic director and founding member of the Mashirika Theatre Company in Rwanda, consisting of both professional and lay artists. The group has been actively involved in the civilian reconciliation process (Gacaca tribunals) in Ruanda. Hope Azeda has extensive experience in film and theatre and is currently also Executive Committee member of the International Association of Theatre for Children and Young People (ASSITEJ).

Nora Amin is actress, writer, theatre director and educator.
Born in Egypt, she worked as a dancer/founder member at the Cairo Opera House modern company. She founded the La musica independent theatre group and directed its productions, touring in several countries. Currently Nora Amin is Project manager of "The Centre for Theatre in Conflict Zones", a cooperation between the Sudanese and German sections of the International Theatre Institute (ITI).

Financial support for the project was provided by
Stiftung Umverteilen! and the LEZ Berlin