Past activities

Peace Education Around the World

February 2004, Feldafing

International Expert Meeting on Theory and Practice of Peace Education in Feldafing, Germany
Performance and Workshop: " Transforming Conflict through Theatre"
in cooperation with Amani People's Theatre, Kenya and The Mothertongue Project, South Africa. Organised by InWEnt (Capacity Building International, Germany) and the Institute for Peace Education (Tuebingen)

During the International Conference on Peace Education set in the context of development co-operation, sabisa presented an evening’s performance, along with two partners from Kenya and South Africa. Ideas depicted in this performance were developed in a workshop on the potentials of theatre work in conflict transformation, to enable participants to creatively approach the issues and questions in this field and learn from a variety of cultural experiences.

Performance and Workshop

09-11 February 2004

in co-operation with Amani People's Theatre, Kenya and The Mothertongue Project, South Africa

How can theatre be used as a means of constructively waging conflicts and in transforming them? What role can theatre as a creative medium play in an emerging, internationally challenging conception of peace education? During the conference Meike Herminghausen and Sruti Bala from sabisa collaborated with Awino Okech from the Kenyan Amani People's Theatre and Sara Matchett from The Mothertongue Project, Cape Town, to create a performance based on a Kenyan myth, which allowed the audience to participate in finding creative solutions and ways of dealing with the crisis of the performance. The methods and approach used were discussed and presented in detail during a workshop o conflict transformation through theatre.

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The conference was jointly organised by InWent gGmbH and the Institute for Peace Education, Tübingen.