Past activities

Forum theatre workshop "creating relation"

Sanjoy Ganguly (Jana Sanskriti, India)

Sanjoy Ganguly, Founder and Director of the Forum Theatre collective Jana Sanskriti in West Bengal, India, conducted a forum theatre workshop for trainers and facilitators interested in using theatre as a tool for empowerment. 

Dates: 29 April 2007 to 05 May 2007

Place: Halle, East Germany

Coordinated by the Action Theatre Group Halle (ATG) in cooperation with sabisa – performing change and Friedenskreis Halle

Workshop information


About Sanjoy Ganguly and Jana Sanskriti

 Sanjoy Ganguly is founding member of the collective Jana Sanskriti (peoples’ culture) and is artistic director of the Jana Sanskriti Centre for Theatre of the Oppressed in Calcutta. In the last 20 years Jana Sanskriti has grown from a little group of five people to a movement active in 12 states of India and is arguably one of the biggest theatre groups in India. As a student of Augusto Boal, Sanjoy Ganguly has developed new strategies of using techniques from the Theatre of the Oppressed in pursuing for political and social change. The workshop will provide an opportunity to raise questions about differences in the practice of European and Indian Forum Theatre in terms of aesthetics and political strategies. 


About the Workshop

On the basis that every human being is essentially intellectual Sanjoy Ganguly will open a creative space with Theatre of the Oppressed exercises in which the participants will focus on questions such as:

 - "How can theatre open a democratic space for actors and spectators to learn together?" 

- "Why is democracy so important for a joint learning?"

- "How can theatre create contradiction of thoughts in order to allow people to grow intellectually?"  

The goal of the workshop is not so much a forum theatre production, but a process of understanding of what we already understand, as Sanjoy Ganguly says.



18:00 opening dinner

20:00 lecture by Till Baumann: "Legislative theatre in Brazil"

30.04.2007 – 05.05.2007

Workshop "creating relation" with Sanjoy Ganguly (ca. 30 hours)


20:00 lecture by Lou Marin: "Protest movements in India"


20:00 lecture by Sanjoy Ganguly: "Theatre as a space for empowerment"


20:00 lecture by Sanjoy Ganguly: " Dogma versus debate"


Last workshop day: reflection/ workshop presentation