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Enacting Places of Change

Interactive Theatre as a tool in post-war peace building

Action research project in co-operation with "A Step Away", Beirut, seeking to test and further develop a tool for relationship-building between people belonging to formerly combating parties in a post-war setting.

It consists of a workshop and performance series using a modified form of Forum theatre, a methodology developed and fine-tuned by Augusto Boal from the Centre of the Theatre of the Oppressed in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Certain modifications are necessary in order to adapt this method to the criteria for constructive conflict transformation outlined by Jean Paul Lederach as well as the lessons learned in Mary Anderson's "Reflecting on Peace Practice" and the "Do No Harm" approach. It builds on the knowledge of local activists in a post-war setting to move a step forward in understanding the complex processes of post-war peace building.

Project supported by Berghof Foundation for Conflict Research

info Further information: hannah.reich (at) sabisa.de