sabisa - performing change

sabisa - performing change is a non-profit organisation based in Berlin, Germany. We employ creative media and the performing arts in projects for social transformation and community cultural development. sabisa organises international exchange programmes, offers training in applied theatre and the performing arts and is actively involved in local educational, community and social change projects.

Through the application and development of artistic media as means of constructively dealing with conflicts and combating social exclusion and discrimination, we locate our work at the intersection of education, art and the social sciences. Our main emphasis is the facilitation of critical and productive dialogue and exchange between the Global North and South. We consciously focus on making use of methodology and expertise developed in the Global South in our local context.

The work of sabisa is guided by participatory methodology, democratic principles and a strong belief in creative, dialogue-oriented approaches to social change. We successfully combine our experiences in theatre and art with our knowledge and education in the social sciences and liberal arts. Our strength is the development, implementation and evaluation of interdisciplinary and innovative projects, which combine performing arts with social transformation.



sabisa - performing change is currently in a phase of internal restructuring. Our members continue to be active in different fields related to applied and community theatre, though we currently have limited capacities for internships and projects. Please feel free to contact individual members in case you are interested in possibilities for co-operation. The website will give you an idea of the recent and past activities of the organisation.


Creativity in Conflict
Enacting Places of Change
Theatre work in a minefield of emotions